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Mac Demarco

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the more I listen to Bon Iver, the more I’m convinced that Justin Vernon is the most gifted songwriter I’ll ever encounter. if there was ever a song whose words could paint a Van Gogh-esque landscape in your mind, it’s Calgary. this writing is dope


don’t you cherish me to sleep

never keep your eyelids clipped

hold me for the pops and clicks

I was only for the father’s crib


hair, old, long along

your neck onto your shoulder blades

always keep that message taped

cross your breasts you won’t erase

I was only for your very space


hip, under nothing

propped up by your other one, face away from the sun

just have to keep a dialogue

teach our bodies - haunt the cause

I was only trying to spell a loss


joy, it’s all founded

pincher with the skin inside

you pinned me with your black sphere eyes

you know that all the rope’s untied

I was only for to die beside


so it’s storming on the lake

little waves our bodies break

there’s a fire going out

but there’s really nothing to the south

swollen orange and light let through

your one-piece swimmer stuck to you


sold, I’m ever

open ears and open eyes

wake up to your starboard bride

who goes in and then stays inside

oh the demons come, they can subside


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don’t trust college kids. I threw a party w plenty of food/drinks shit even weed and I wake up and you know what’s missing? my pineapple. who went to the back of my fridge and said imma take all this pineapple. damn son. take the free alcohol not my pineapple man…

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by Davis Ayer

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We mourn the loss of our friend Robin Williams, who always made us laugh and smile.

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